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Have fun in the hot air balloon safari with the Bollywood escort Mumbai

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You must have seen the hot air balloon flights in the movies and probably seen the actual safari with the balloon flying across the sky. It is definitely a one of the most enjoyable experiences. Ensure that you pick up an independent model girl escort, who is not afraid of the heights, from the female agency. You could also go in for the adventurous college girls or an independent student who would like to explore the skies with you. Once you book yourself for the balloon safari you are going to enjoy every moment of it with your high class model.

See how the balloon is inflated and starts to fill up with the exhaust gases from the burner.  You and your independent female can get into the basket along with the other flyers. As you leave the ground and slowly rise above the land, you and the model escort Mumbai are going to enjoy the magical moments of this ride. The balloon gets to the height of 800 feet above the ground you begin to float in the air. The wind direction governs as to where the balloon will go. Click pictures along with the model girl and revel in each other’s company.

You can see the scenic beauty of the land and sea below. The beautiful model girl would be excited with the experience, and it is quite possible that you get pleasure hugs from her. This would be something you never bargained for while floating in a balloon with a company of around 5 to 6 people with you. The fun time that you have with the independent girl is going to be worth more than what you paid for the balloon excursion.

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Mumbai offers you ample opportunities to enjoy the company of your date. You could walk on the Marine drive, relax on the beach, go to a dance floor, visit an art gallery or simply watch a fashion show. These are only some of the possibilities and you are free to think of your own. Our dating girls know very well what the client wants from them. So you would find them amicably dressed and ready for dancing or playing games with you. You would be surprised as to how our high profile girls suit themselves so perfectly against the demand of the client.

Even if you are a reserve talker, the high profile ladies will engage you in interesting talks and discussion. You would start enjoying the date as you would find excellent communication skills in our high class models. The intimacy and closeness with the celebrity escorts in Mumbai would have you spell bound in no time. By the time you would move to the dinner table you would be totally intoxicated with the charm of the high profile female. Order the light drinks like gin and vodka for your model escort Mumbai, while you can have the hard stuff. As the drinks go down your dating with girl would start to progress further.

You would soon be feeling her hands and getting caressed by her touch. All the stress would be gone in no time. It is time now to quickly order and finish your dinner. The hottest girl that you took out for dating is now ripe for a rendezvous with you in the night. The wind will decide where you will land. That is the most adventurous part of the trip.  You and the girl for night can place the bets on the landing spot. The one closest to the actual spot would be the leader in the extravaganza that you have planned for later in the night. The balloon trip is something you and the high profile escort in Mumbai are going to remember for a long time.