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Take a go at fishing with your model escort Mumbai

One of the oldest aquariums in the city of Mumbai was renovated recently and opened to the public on March 3rd, 2015. Located on the Marine Drive, the aquarium boasts of a 360 degree glass tunnel which is 12 feet long. Made of 4.5 inch thick Plexiglas the tank holds 22000 liters of water and is well lit by LED lights. You can watch the marine life in its full avatar at the Taraporewala aquarium. There are over 400 species of fish which are housed in the multiple sea water and sweet water tanks and in the Plexiglas tank. You can find the rare varieties of fish like the purple fire fish, raccoon butterfly fish and azure damsel, just to name a few.

There are plenty of spots in Mumbai to pursue your hobby or sport of fishing. You could go to the Versova beach and meet the Kolis there. This community which has fishing as the primary occupation resides in large numbers here. You can also find the Kolis in Worli which also is a fishing spot. You along with your high profile female can book a tour here for the Worli fishing village walk. It will show case the day in the life of the kolis fishermen and also give you the experience of fishing. You could also go the Marve beach in Malad Mumbai or to Erangal where you and the independent model girl could do angling as well as bait fishing.
Thus, you can see that there are a plenty of choices for you and the independent female to go in for fishing. However for doing fishing you need a commercial license. So it is always advisable, that when you are with the high profile ladies, better approach a fishing club which may allow the sport of fishing for you. This way you and the independent girl can have a go at fishing without any trouble.
The fishing line is an interesting piece of equipment. It includes the baits, lures, rods, reels, lines and hooks. You can take a simple one, sit on the rocks or beach along with the beautiful model girl and set the fishing line for the catch. Ensure that you do not fish in an incoming tide as you and the high profile model would be splashed with a lot of water and you will be devoid of any catch. Fishing is always done in a receding or outgoing tide for a good haul.
You and the independent female could also try the professional fishing clubs on weekends. Here you and the Mumbai celebrity escort could indulge in sport fishing, which is a speedier form of traditional fishing. Here the anglers do not have to wait for hours for the fish to swim by. You and the beautiful model girl can catch the fish, retain the requirement and release back whatever is not needed.

You and your high profile female escort are just going to love this experience. As you stand in the tunnel and watch the fish float on the top and around you, it would be a wonderful feeling. The independent female accompanying you is going to admire the marine life for its vibrant colors and liveliness. You can take your high class model to the touch pool where you can touch the star fish, sea urchins and turtles etc. Most of the independent female models lack the courage to touch the fish, but with you around they may garner the courage to do it.

The high profile ladies are always interested in the nature and its healing powers. For this you can take her to the fish spa therapy area. Both you and your independent girl can dip your feet in a tub of water filled with small fish called Garra rufa. It is a different type of feeling you get as the fish nibble away the dead cells from your feet. The independent women and high class models do get the eerie feeling initially but later on get accustomed to it. After all it is a pedicure of the natural kind which the high profile ladies would not miss.

Driving an automobile on the road has its own charm but how about a plane? The fun and thrill that you get out of flying a plane will make the drive in an expensive luxury car look miniscule. We are not talking about playing the flight simulation game, but actually doing it in a private Boeing 737 simulator right here in Phoenix Market city, BKC, Mumbai. Both you and the independent model girl would be given a briefing on the different controls, flying and navigation techniques. The high class models from our escort services are quick to pick up the instructions. You would be surprised to see that how quickly the independent female has understood how to read the dials in the cockpit.

Your air hostess is going to look stunning in the pilot dress with a cap on her head. It would now depend on you whether you want to fly the plane or just admire the beautiful model girl pilot. You will anyway get to fly the plane one by one. So when your college girl is sitting on the pilot’s seat and flying the plane with the guidance from the instructor, you can enjoy watching your Mumbai celebrity escort. You can let your imagination run as to who would be the pilot in the night to steer the rocking session through. I bet the thought alone is going to trigger the impulses to your erogenous zones.
After the independent female has completed the flight you can take your turn to steer the Boeing over the Caribbean islands. You would get a full thirty minutes of flying with the full controls. You would also be able to see the city maps with the high level of detailed topography. Now as you effortlessly steer the plane it is the turn of the girl for night to admire you for your manliness. It is very normal for high profile girls to feel the crush for their male partners when they see them as a role model.

You would enjoy the outing with your contact girl and return refreshed from the aquarium. Such natural excursions are the perfect precursor to a night full of heavy action. The flight simulator has set the ball rolling for the night for you and your high profile model escort. Enjoy!