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Enjoying the tomatina festival with your beautiful escort

Have you heard about the famous tomatina festival of Spain? It is held every year on the last Wednesday of the month of August. Thousands of people from around the world make it to the town of Bunol near to Valencia in Spain. The action begins with squashing ripe tomatoes and throwing it on your friends and partner. Almost a hundred tons of overripe tomatoes are thrown on the streets. The people enjoying the tomato fight are fully covered with the tomato juice and pulp. They also sit on old rubber tyres and glide on the tomato mush on the street slopes.

You can enact the tomatina festival in your hotel bathroom with your high profile female. Only the cleaner in the bathroom on the next morning won’t understand what happened in the night before. To begin with, get some overripe tomatoes from the market and also carry a set of spare dress. The independent model girl and you would have to follow the rule of squashing the tomato before firing it. If you don’t do it, you will end up nursing the sore points on your high profile escort in the night. So, play the game within the framework and enjoy generous application of the tomatoes on each other.
All the high profile ladies in our female agency know about the festival of Holi very well and tomatina is no different. The best part is that tomatina is totally natural and there are no adverse skin effects. In fact the independent female models are well aware of the therapeutic properties of the tomato juice. The high profile women would allow you to apply the tomato pulp all over their body because of its astringent properties. After the wash you and your beautiful model girl are going to have a softer, whiter and glowing skin.

Have you ever been confronted by a Policewoman for a traffic violation or rule breakage. With many women progressing in the Police administration the likelihood of having an encounter with a sub inspector or Inspector rank Policewoman is quite high. You find the male Police quite stereotyped in their actions and behavior and you know very well how to get them around to your point of view. Some bribe here and there and you can be out of their clutches. However, it is going to be very different with a policewoman. Why don’t you try it out with our high profile women escorts?
The independent female models from our high profile agency would be too happy to enact the role of a Policewoman. To make it more realistic you can take the beautiful model girl to the market and get her the readymade Police uniform, complete with the cap and shoes. To add a further twist to the tale you can buy her the cane and the hand cuffs also. The independent model girl would look stunning in the Policewoman attire. As it is she is a high class model and the police uniform only accentuates her beauty.

You can now set up the crime scene in your hotel room where you have been caught by the Police. You are standing as a culprit in front of the high profile female Police woman. Let the conversation proceed in the natural way with no restrictions on the use of language. It will bring out what the model girl as a Policewoman thinks about the male culprit. The use of the dirty language and occasional use of the cane would only heighten the pleasure in the whole episode.

You will soon realize how tough it is to get through with the Policewoman. No amount of pleading or justification of your act would soften the high profile lady Policewoman. Start looking for cover as she starts getting tough with you. The independent model girl Policewoman is finally going to handcuff you. You will know that your time has come when you are handcuffed to the bed post and she readies for the final assault.

So with all the fun and frolic you and the contact girl will have the best of the skin treatment as well. When you dress up again and land up for the food in the restaurant you would be having a feeling of closeness and intimacy with your high class escort. This would culminate with highly volatile and rugged sessions later in the night.